Pure Water Technology

Brings you today's cutting edge technology for environmentally friendly, high quality water, ice and coffee systems and services.

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SERVICE NOTICE – We will be closed for the Holidays the week of 22nd to the 26th (back on the 29th). No service calls will be done during this time. For emergency service you can call 1-909-362-2350.

We apologize for any service delays.

  • Pure, fresh, crisp water made on-site without plastic bottles
  • No bulky, dirty bottles to receive, store, move or lift
  • Patented technology that self cleans daily so you always have clean water
  • Quality monitoring so you know the system is always working correctly
  • Environmentally friendly, no big water trucks or plastic bottles
  • Cost effective and we guarantee your price for years

Go Beyond Green!

Pure Water Technology systems go way beyond green by not only eliminating the environmental impact of bottled water systems, but by providing you with safer, fresher, better tasting drinking water. We call it Technology for a Healthy Planet.

How it works

The system purifies your water with multi-stage filtration better than bottled water. After the water is purified activated oxygen is used to ensure it stays clean. Your system will also monitor all functions so you know you're drinking pure water 100% of the time.

How is it installed

It simply plugs into your current office water similar to a coffee machine. With new technology borrowed from NASA we can place the systems almost anywhere you want it. Our factory trained technicians are fast, safe and clean.

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